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The 25th NEAL-NET Technical Meeting held in Beijing

The 25th NEAL-NET Technical Meeting was held in Beijing on March 28-29. Expert representatives and government officials from the three countries attended the meeting.


Focusing on the 3rd action plan drawn up by the Ministerial Meeting of Transport and Logistics of China, Japan and South Korea, the meeting discussed the progress of implementation of key work, the issue of information interconnection and sharing among the three countries, the technical standards for information exchange of multimodal transport logistics, and the next step forward plan. At the same time, according to the current situation of international cooperation, the meeting formed a consensus on the mode and direction of NEAL-NET's future international cooperation.

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Xingxing, Deputy Director, International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Transport of China, informed the nomination of Mr. Sun Tengda, General Manager of the Data Application Division of China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center, as the new Secretary-General of NEAL-NET, and Mr. Hu Yijun, former Secretary-General, will no longer hold the post due to work arrangements. The representatives of Japan and South Korea acknowledged the nomination and congratulated Mr. Sun Tengda on his appointment as the new Secretary-General. At the same time, they expressed their thanks to Mr. Hu Yijun for his contribution to the development of NEAL-NET.

In addition, China, Japan and South Korea jointly approved the opening of NEAL-NET service in Fushiki-Toyama Port and Zhuhai Port in early April, and Pohang Port in South Korea will join NEAL-NET in June this year. China will continue to work hard to promote access to major domestic ports. 

This technical conference is the first meeting after the management center transferred to China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center. As the undertaking unit of NEAL-NET Secretariat, LOGINK provides important support for the development of NEAL-NET.

Experts from the three countries conducted extensive research, gathered experience, and worked hard to solve the problem of logistics information interconnection under transnational, and strived to improve the overall level of logistics informatization in Northeast Asia. 

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